Specimen Containers

A wide range of Specimen Containers in

▪ Sterile & Non-sterile

▪ With and without printed label

▪ With and without plastic cap

▪ Capacity: ranging from 15ml up to 3000ml

Universal Container with spoon, printed label, plastic cap

Capacity: 30ml

Universal Container with boric acid, printed label, plastic cap

Capacity: 30ml

Bijou Container, plain label sterile, plastic cap

Capacity: 7ml


Silanized Glass Vials

Silanized Glass Vials are treated by vapor phase deposition silanization method. Surface deactivation treatments such as silanization and siliconization may play an important role in preserving the integrity of certain materials or extracts stored in glass containers. Surface modification eliminates active sites on the surfaces of boroslicate glass