Lab Equipment


From generic manual scales to digital scales, electronic balances and moisture analyzers, high quality calibrated laboratory balances that are simple to operate for quick weighing calculations.

• Reliable results

• External calibration

• Multiple weigh modes

• Backlit, LCD screen

• 3-door draft shield included on analytical and precision



Laboratory incubators offers an economical and space saving solution for microbiology or haematology application.

• Outstanding temperature stability and uniformity

• Protects your valuable samples

• Extremely versatile with a wide temperature range,

Ambient +10 to 75 °C

• Benchtop and floor standing models.

• Standard access port for

Bio Safety Stands & Cabinets/Cupboards, Hoods and other laboratory Furniture available.


Epoxy coated mild steel carcass

• Safety glass side panels

• Solid grade laminate baffles

• Counterweights front sliding sash

• Polypropylene spillage tray

• Profile aluminum aerofoils


• Ductless design eliminates installation costs and allows the unit to be positioned over a sink or used as a benchtop apparatus.

• Operates quietly and recirculates filtered air, minimizing the impact on your lab heating and air conditioning costs.

• Dimensions: Internal height, 23.6"

External, 36" W x 27" D x 35" H.