• Available in Glass and Plastic
  • Capacities: 10ml - 1000ml


  • Available in round bottom, conical, filter and stoppered volumetric flask
  • Capacities: 50ml – 2000ml

C2A can also supply Volumetric Flask in Plastic as a safer alternative to glass. Made from the highest quality laboratory-grade polymethylpentene (PMP) materials, these flasks won’t break, chip or shatter amid the bustle and bumps of everyday lab work. Enjoy their light weight and ease of handling.

  • Engraved and inked fill line
  • Capacity: 50ml–1000ml

Test Tubes

Pyrex® Medium Wall Glass Test Tube, with Rim

  • Sizes: 10mm x 75mm; 16mm x 125mm; 24mm x 150mm; 18mm x 150mm


Laboratory funnels, adapted into different forms to suit numerous specialized needs, including filtration, are ubiquitous in the lab. Funnels fitted with filter paper, as well as Buchner and Hirsch funnels.

A variety of laboratory funnels are available. Made from glass, metal, plastic, or porcelain, they are designed for general and specific purposes. Glass reusable funnels are suitable for most uses that involve chemicals.

  • Thistle Tube Funnels
  • Filter Funnels
  • Glass Separating Funnel
  • Buchner Funnels


  • Petri Dishes – glass and plastic
  • Evaporating Dishes – glass and porcelain
  • Sterile Cell Culture Dishes
  • In Vitro Fertilization Dishes


Glass burette with PTFE & glass key stopcocks


Meet the demands of daily pipetting. Let C2A Sales and Supplies be your supplier of pipettes and tip systems.

  • Electronic Pipettes – Single & Multi-Channel
  • Clip-Tip Pipetting Systems
  • Transfer Pipettes
  • Pipette Tips & Accessories
  • Handheld Repeaters & Bottle top Dispensers

Single Channel Pipette

Tips lock in place with a light touch. A complete seal on every channel. Maintain precise sample volumes.

• Fixed and Variable Volume Single Channel  -

• Capacities: 0.1μL - 1,000μL

Multichannel Pipette

  • Maintain precise sample volumes
  • Lightweight
  • Reduce strain with low plunger and ejection forces
  • Ergonomic comfort

Pipette Tips

    Recommended for use in demanding applications and environments. Enhanced ergonomics and reduced tip ejection forces that hand stress.